Crypto betting arbitrage alerts

Our odds comparisons detect arbitrage opportunities. These allow bettors to place 2 opposite bets on the same event at 2 different sportsbooks, and make a profit no matter what the result!

In the alerts we specify which selections to bet on at which sportsbooks and the relative amounts to bet in order to win the same profit on all results. These result in at least a 1% profit overall.

As an example, this was the latest alert.

Erzurum BB


Fatih Karagumruk

Turkish Super Lig

Time: 5:00 pm October 30, 2020
Bet type: Handicap
Profit: 1.73%

Bet 1

Erzurum BB +0 at odds of 2.392 at BetBTC for 42.5% of total bets

Bet 2

Fatih Karagumruk +0 at odds of 1.77 at Nitrogen for 57.5% of total bets

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The edge alerts are also tweeted.

To confirm any arbitrage opportunity enter the odds into our overround and probability calculator. If the overround is negative you can profit no matter what the result!

Keep in mind that most sportsbook’s terms and conditions allow them to refund bets if the odds were obviously incorrect due to human error. If the short priced favorite at all other sportsbooks is the high priced underdog at one sportsbook, that is most likely due to human error and is not an arbitrage opportunity.

We filter these out for you and the vast majority of our arbitrage alerts are genuine opportunities to profit not matter what the result.

Crypto sportsbooks will not block or limit you for making these bets

Because government currency sportsbooks often block or limit arbitrage betters, the most common question we get is will crypto sportsbooks do the same. the answer is no, because they can’t.

We only include anonymous end to end crypto sportsooks. If they blocked or limited our account for making sharp bets you could simply make a new account, so they don’t.

Unfortunately some of these crypto sportsbooks have asked for users IDs. However this only happens when the sporsbook suspects fraud, such as double spends or bonus abuse, not for sharp betting.


  1. Anonymous

    1a)Which sports and
    1b)which categories of bet within those sports do you compare, to find arb opportunities?
    2) You only look for prematch opportunities and not live ones, right?

    • BitOdds

      1a) All competitions we have odds comparisons for, which you can see listed on every page of this site.
      1b) Only 2 outcome markets. That means not win/loss/draw on soccer because that has 3 outcomes. But still in soccer we find arbs for total goals and handicaps because they are 2 outcome markets.
      2) Yep, only pre-game odds.
      Good luck!

  2. Neil D

    Real Sociedad @ Atletico Madrid, at La Liga came as an ‘arbitrage opportunity’ for me… Does it take into account the fact of a draw and a loss of both bets on X and Y website?

    • BitOdds

      Hi Neil. That arbitrage alert was not to bet on the match winner market of Real Sociedad @ Atletico Madrid, which could end in a draw causing both bets to lose.

      That arbitrage alert was to bet on the spread market of Real Sociedad +1 and Atletico Madrid -1. If the games ended in a draw the Real Sociedad +1 bet would have won. If Atletico Madrid won by 1 goal both bets would have been refunded.

  3. Ste

    So on the above bet it says to bet Everton +0 and bet Bournemouth +0 what if the match ends in a draw surely you just lost both bets?

    • BitOdds

      Hi Set. No that’s not the case, if the match ends in a draw both bets would result in a push and be refunded to you. Good Luck!

  4. starrydecisis

    Wondering why I am receiving arbitrage email alerts after the game/match has already started and unavailable for further betting?

    • BitOdds

      Thanks for the heads up starrydecisis. We did indeed have a bug that caused what you described and we have now fixed it.

  5. Anonymous

    hola la formula que se usa para apostar en ambas casas como funciona?

    • BitOdds

      Hola, si tienes 100 m ฿ para apostar y la alerta dice

      Apuesta 1 … por 68.72% del total de apuestas
      Apuesta 2 … por 31.28% del total de apuestas

      Entonces debes apostar

      68,72 m ฿ en apuesta 1
      31,28 m ฿ en apuesta 2

      La apuesta exacta depende de cuánto quieras apostar en total. Es por eso nos dar %s.

  6. Anonymous

    how do u know how much to wager for each team? please help, im very confused.

    • BitOdds

      Hi, If you have 100 m฿ to bet with and the alert says

      Bet 1 … for 68.72% of total bets
      Bet 2 … for 31.28% of total bets

      Then you should bet

      68.72 m฿ on bet 1
      31.28 m฿ on bet 2

      The exact stake depends on how much you want to bet in total. That’s why we give percentages.

  7. Micellium

    Hello, I have some experience with arbitrage betting with regular currency (made aprox. 2000€) but since books limit you so fast and aren’t as reliable as you may think at first I have tought of switching to BTC arbitrage betting. It was surpricing that this is the ONLY service I could find in all the internet and I have searched for quite some time, I don’t know why this is the case, maybe you can bring some light into that.

    • BitOdds

      Hi Micellium, Maybe because crypto betting is still a new thing and is not possible for most people (since they don’t have crypto).

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